Does your system's sound quality vary from day to day?

Is it the atmosphere? The power line? Your brain? Does your system's sound quality vary from day to day?

Does your system's sound quality vary from day to day?
Yes, a lot!
39% (81 votes)
Yes, it sounds "mushy" on very humid days
4% (9 votes)
Yes, it's brittle on dry days
3% (6 votes)
Yes, but it's best late at night
32% (68 votes)
No, it always sounds exactly the same
22% (46 votes)
Total votes: 210

Chris's picture

It used to sound better late at night, but I now have a power conditioner, which has made a considerable difference for the better.

Jared Gerlach's picture

To paraphrase what is often said with difficult relationships, it's not the system, it's me. How I feel is probably the single biggest factor on how I perceive how my system sounds. I have learned not to adjust anything in my system until I've had a good night's sleep and cleared my mind no matter how bad I think it sounds at 10pm on a weekday.

John's picture

I've come to believe that your mood governs sound quality to a much greater extent than I would like to believe.

BeeJayDeeJay's picture

Is it my system that varies or just me? I will never know. Don't care as long as the enjoyment is there. That is what it's all for, isn't it?

Robert's picture

Used to be all over the place until I started using power filters on all my electronic components. Now, I can't reliably pick any differences from one session to another.

Tim K's picture

Old neighborhood, old house, old wiring. My best actually is mid-day when the weather is nice and no HVAC units are running nearby.

Howard's picture

I used to experience this, but once I got power conditioning the sound is consistent.

Rasmus Horn's picture

Attended a Head-fi Meet last weekend and after that day my Head-fi setup sounded much greater than before the meet. After one week, it's back to normal again.

Joe Hartmann's picture

Humidity has a great impact on the sound of my system. Things get brighter on clear cold winter weather.

Olin in Portland Or's picture

Here are a couple of factors I have noticed about my electronics: late night listening is best (I presume because there is less line pollution), but if I am fatigued my ears just don't process the sounds well, resulting in a gritty unpleasant tone.

DAB, Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

We all have our moods, tribulations, and happy moments. It's only natural that all of those factors affect how we listen to, and perceive, reproduced music.

Jose Freire's picture

Yes, it sounds "mushy" on very humid days and yes, it's best late at night

Al Earz's picture

It seems like it just sounds better late at night. Maybe it's just the fact that I am more relaxed and ready to listen at that time. Either way, I like it late at night.

Karl's picture

The slightest background noise affects inner detail.

Johannes Turunen, Sweden's picture

It sounds most different when I'm under influence of alcohol.

Jim Dandy's picture

It sounds pretty much the same as long as I let it properly warm up before listening. Often however, it does seem to sound best after dark. Maybe that's because the world around me has settled down a bit and I'm more relaxed at that time. But there are times when it just doesn't seem to be up to par irrespective of the time of day, and when that happens I just stay away from listening for a day or two and like magic, it sounds great again. So I'm convinced that the differencs I hear are simply the results of my electro/chemical brain system acting up a bit.

Dismord's picture

I'm not connected to the mains (solar power and batteries) and live in a rural area that's very quiet. I use no power filtering, but the normal manner of converting battery power from DC/to AC and back to DC was altered by my technician to avoid some form of noise that's often associated with solar power generation. The exact explanation of that modification was way beyond my tiny brain's ability to understand but it appears to work. When I lived in the middle of a large city my gear always sounded best very late at night.

tonyE's picture

I live in Southern California. I've noted that the soundstaging gets shaky during an earthquake. But I can't tell you about humidity because during rainy days I'm too busy to listen, what with the mudslides.

Steve R's picture

It sounds the same anymore, because I am using a Power Plant Premier power regenerator from PS Audio.

Brian's picture

I don't know if it is the sound or my enjoyment that varies. Some days it is just not involving, I don't get my toe tapping.

Perry's picture

I know the ringing in my ears changes day to day. I think the stereo is pretty consistant!'s picture

YES! An amazing amount. The biggest difference is at night—I've had many a late night listening session because the system just kept getting better and better. Is it power, as you infer, or is it the natural human instinct of hearing taking over from sight as our primary sense at night time?

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

I think I vary far more than my system.

Woody Battle's picture

I never noticed a change from day to day. However, I have tried a few different power cords and power conditioners and have noticed big improvements. I never considered any power line products until a local dealer loaned me a power conditioner.

Eric Shook/30/Raleigh NC's picture

Depends on what's going on around the house and neighborhood. 3pm weekdays are the best.

OvenMaster's picture

My system sounds consistently great. If it varied, I'd immediately wonder what was wrong with it.

df's picture

Most of the above. Sometimes I'm sure it's the weather, sometimes it's me. It definitely changes though. And why not? After all, what we hear depends on the movement of air. If the quality of the medium (air) is in fact different (humidity, pressure, temperature) wouldn't it follow that the sound would be different too?

Postal Grunt's picture

Sometimes it's the humidity, other times it's whether or not I have the window open, and the condition of my sinuses always affects the sound quality. The most important thing is that I have the opportunity to enjoy listening to some music. That's what really counts.

Paul Luscusk's picture

Thank goodness we do not have many humid days in So Cal.

WalkerTM's picture

If there is a daily difference in the sound I would hesitate to think it has to do with my listening room's climate. If it sounds soft, it is that because it is playing a a mushy recording. Little else affects it.