Do you buy used CDs?

Some folks have to hear the sound of the plastic wrap snapping off every time they get a new disc, while others just want to save some dough. Do used CDs find their way into your collection?

Do you buy used CDs?
All of the time
12% (46 votes)
Most of the time
16% (63 votes)
Some of the time
44% (175 votes)
16% (62 votes)
12% (49 votes)
Total votes: 395

Woody Battle's picture

I have found a few CDs at used stores that I never saw in the new CD racks. I don't regularly shop at used CD stores, but I know of a couple of great out-of-state used CD stores that I visit whenever I can.

Brad - Atlanta's picture

At least 90% of the time. Usually between $5-8 in price. And rarely have I bought one that had problems.

the boogieman's picture

I rarely buy NEW CDs. They are over-price and I refuse to pad the pockets for the "pork-heavy" label executives who are more concerned about their profits than they are about putting a quality product out at an affordable price. Used CDs offer an outstanding value without compromising my sense of fair practice for the small business owners who are trying to make a living AND if the labels are successful at getting the anti-copy coding software through (degrading sound quality as well as insulting my intellence) I can promise the label executives and all invloved that I would never purchase another NEW CD and I would spend countless hours promoting the boycot of all labels who practice and promote this infringement on all of our rights. It should be about the music, not the labels' profits, which are fat enough.

Louie Louse's picture

The only time I go "used" is when I can't locate it new. 'Fraid of germs, I guess.

Jeremy Close's picture

It's more a question of availability than price that makes me buy second-hand.

Vinson J's picture

...And don't forget used vinyl!!

Harold B.  Roberts's picture

never have and never will's picture

I don't trust others when come to CD handling unless he or she is an audiophile crazy.

Daniel Emerson's picture

Almost never. The risk of getting something that won't play properly (if at all) is just too high.

Stephen Curling's picture

I have occasionally have gotten a used CD. I usually buy new but at current prices I'll leave them on store shelves.

T's picture

Never. I don't want greasy fingerprints all over my CDs. I want them in mint condition

IZ's picture

I am also into vinyl, so buying used is often the only option for me.

Stephen's picture

Hell yes I buy used CDs! The price for new ones hasn't come down at all in the almost 20 years that I have been buying them. Whatever happened to all the promises of how prices would drop when more CD factories came online? What a load of crap that was! The record industry can kiss my ass!

Tim Bishop's picture

Like everthing else, used is a way to expand my experiences in audio. Without purchasing used CDs and LPs, I would never have listened to as many artists as I have. Used is often the only way to get some audiophile pressings. They come and go so quickly, that one often has no choice but to search out the used ones. With everyday general releases, used allows me to round out and fill in the gaps of music I like, but would not usually pay new prices for lesser works by an artist, All in all, used is a very cost conscious way to help keep me happy, and my wife from divorcing me!

Joe Hartmann's picture

I shop mostly by mail order or the Internet, occassionally making it over to my Local Tower records. My son does visit the local used record store looking for new music available in used old records that did not make to the CD revolution.

b.  minter's picture

I only buy lp's.

Travis Klersy's picture

It is rare that I find a used copy of anything I'm interested in, let alone a copy in like-new condition. Factor in a higher price for anything in nearly new conditon, and the bargain is lost for me. I have much better luck with used vinyl.

Mike Healey's picture

Used CDs are a great way to pick up copies of your favorite one-hit wonders. It is also one of the few ways to find music that is out of print. Of course, used vinyl is usually cheaper! ;)

WC2's picture

With the high prices for CDs and the advent of SACDs, who wants to pay $20 for a new CD? The selection is not always great, but we can still find wonderful music.

T.O.D.'s picture

I'll find one now and then when I'm at the record exchange. I'm much more prone to picking up used vinyl though. The key word here is RARE, like a good steak. Must be hungry.

GUD2BDP in D.C.'s picture

Yes. I buy them when it is convenient to do so,ie, when I am in a store that sells them. Thanks to the strong-arm tatics of the big record companies, "mainstream" stores cannot sell "used" CDs without suffering serious financial consequences from the big record companies.

Mahoney's picture

Pay six or seven extra bucks to hear the sound of unraveling plastic? Are you serious? If that's the case, you are a very troubled individual.

Kal Rubinson's picture

Why not? When I stumble upon a used copy of something I want at a third of retail, I grab it.

Bill B's picture

Often seek out used CD's for albums that I like one or two tracks off of but don't have a significant intrest in.

JPE's picture

Same guy, different shirt. You get the same thing with a used CD but pay half the price. Great, huh?

MediaSeth's picture

I can't afford to always buy new CDs. Besides, it's nearly impossible to take that plastic off! What's with that extra but of plastic on the top with the sticky glue? The pull tab to remove it always breaks before it's completely off. My food isn't even wrapped that well.

Aris's picture

No, but they do have their purpose in life. Thanks to them very few people bid on vinyl on EBay anymore, even really good stuff.

Al Earz's picture

Why not? Pawn shops are the best source. Also some of the record shops that let you trade in the ones you've grown tired of. The money I save can be spent on more gear.

Kirk Thomas's picture

Anytime I go to the music store, I check out the used CDs and am more than happy to buy anything of interest used. Saving money is a good thing.

NK's picture

Finding stuff I like in the second-hand racks is slow, painful, and most often a fruitless pursuit.