Do DVD-Audio's video features interest you?

Do DVD-Audio's video features interest you?
Yes, very much
15% (35 votes)
Yes, they'd be nice
23% (51 votes)
Don't really care
20% (45 votes)
No, I'd prefer a pure audio disc
31% (71 votes)
11% (24 votes)
Total votes: 226

When the format is finally launched around the world, DVD-Audio discs will have the ability to store and play back video information such as lyric sheets and pictures from recording sessions. Is this important to you?

Bicek Bruno, Slovenia's picture

SACD will do the job better.

Paul Van Dyck, Istanbul, Turkey's picture

I am looking for high-quality, high-resolution audio. It might be fun to explore one time some visual information related to the music, but when I sit down and listen to music I do not want to be bothered with the video stuff, as it only takes away attention from the listening. Please also keep the "-A" simple: no 20 menus to go through before you can listen to some music, like all that menu stuff in video. If I want, I will read the booklet enclosed with the disc.

Al Marcy's picture

I would need higher-bandwidth speakers . . .

Jim Koukodimos's picture

Why not see what you can hear!!

Martin Bruczkowski's picture

Video circuits are noisy by their very nature and I would not want them anywhere near my audio system.

John H.'s picture

I'm an audiophile; I don't own a television. If I did, I wouldn't want it near my audio equipment, where it could cause interference. A booklet with lyrics and pictures is always nice, but nothing tops a gatefold LP as a format for lyrics, still pictures, and liner notes.

Brian Curtis's picture

The less you see, the more you hear.

Glenn A.  Moore, Jr.'s picture

but not a special disc pla yer that one would need to purchase a new cd player SACD comes to mind. I love my CAL-CL10 multidisc with the HDCD feature

Boudoir's picture

I would love if everytime it's as good as The Wall.

Brian Kheel's picture

So long as there is no impact on the audio quality and content. If the video content occupies what would otherwise be empty space on the disc, then include the video (esp. lyrics).

Washington Irving's picture

The point of listening is to listen. Add a bunch of other activities and the music becomes "filler." I went to a production of "Into the Woods" last week. Someone brought a cell phone. It reminded me of the Vonnegut short story, "Harrison Bergeron," where people are required to handicap themselves so that everyone can be "equal." Of course, I'm talking about a book. Books don't require batteries or a power outlet. Neither does an acoustic guitar or a human voice (except for Andrea Bocelli).

Anonymous's picture

Provided there is no degradation from adding the video portions, they have the potential to add something to the experience. The key here is that no musical compromises should occur as a result, and the cost difference between a video and non-video version should be reasonable (say 10 - 15 % at most.) Otherwise, give me an audio only machine.

Skip Pettit's picture

The last thing I want in my music room is a TV screen. If the kids could watch MTV in there, I'd never get them out!

Graeem N's picture

DVD is already fine for music+video.

Dan C's picture

I suppose watching the latest video from MTV would be a nice marketing gimmick, but if it comes at the price of good sound who needs it. Sounds like an excuse to raise prices - again.

Gim Stickle's picture

How about using the bandwidth for better sound?

Allen Nakamura's picture

As long as it doesn't compromise the audio quality one iota.

Peter Patel's picture

I don't care because DVD-Audio is meant only for listening music. So, video is not very important.

Brankin's picture

Unless it increases the cost to purchase or compromises the effort put into making the sound the best possible. Then, forget it!

Gerald Neily's picture

If a performer actually has something to present in video, I want them to present it . . . and better that the video be accompanied by 24/96 sound than Dolby Digital.

The Dvd-Audio Fan's picture

I'm waiting for dvd-audio for years(!!!).The main improvement will be the 24 bits 192kHz resolution.It will be great!!!

Andrew Johnson's picture

Well, I wouldn't turn them down . . . but if they charge me more and call it a "special edition," it won't sit well with me.

Woody Battle's picture

I'm interested, but I purposely keep my audio and video systems separate. Anything that forces me to join these separate systems will be avoided as long as possible.

Scot Forier's picture

Since the studios are going to do what they want with the new format, I don't have much of a choice. But I would prefer to have the extra space dedicated to higher bits, frequency, and channels.

James R.  Garvin's picture

I like video/home theater, but good quality music is more important to me. When I am seriously listening to music, I would prefer not to be distracted by video/pictures.

Philippe's picture

Alhtough I would like documentaries of composers and musicians with excellent sound. It is interesting that DVD video was made (apparently) for discs which are bought vs. rented, since they do not handle scratches well. That seems strange!

Neil Wittrock's picture

I prefer to keep my tv off while engaging in my favorite pastime, music.

Dave W.'s picture

Only if the audio signal is not run through the video processing. Perhaps a two box system?

T.Mark Warwick's picture

Stereo SACD is all I am interested in!

David Bruce's picture

Pictures of the musicians would be a nice touch. Please, no lyric sheets, because karaoke is the devil.