Darwin Cables, George-Warren, Rogue Audio, & Tyler Acoustics

Though they’d spent the last two years working on their Darwin Cable Company designs, Tony Bender (left) and Bill Magerman had only just met. Prior to this year’s RMAF, all of their communication had taken place via email and over the phone.

Both men are involved in every stage of production, but Bender (North Dakota) specializes in sound analysis and marketing, while Magerman (Pennsylvania) handles design and development. Their cables are voiced through a number of different systems in an attempt to eliminate every possible problem in the connection; and with a special emphasis on eliminating skin effect, Darwin Cables use an “air dielectric, floating silver wire design.” “The silver wire makes minimal contact with Teflon, resulting in an efficient, low-capacitance cable.”

A George-Warren Precision turntable ($4200), Rogue Audio Pharaoh integrated amplifier ($3495), and Tyler Acoustics Highland H2 loudspeakers ($11,500/pair) made up the system. The speakers, which weigh 200lbs each, use Scan-Speak drivers, including Beryllium tweeters.

I haven't mentioned sound, but that's only because I spent so much time in conversation with Darwin Cable's Tony Bender and Bill Magerman that I failed to listen; I thought their story was fascinating. I can tell you that others seemed very impressed by the sound: Money was passed across the room like breath mints or LPs.