Can you think of any audiophile links that readers may not be aware of?

Audiophile websites cover every niche of the hobby, and new ones are always fun to find. Are there any worthy audiophile links that <I>Stereophile</I> readers may not be aware of?

Can you think of any audiophile links that readers may not be aware of?
Yes, here's a link or two
68% (60 votes)
No, can't think of any
32% (28 votes)
Total votes: 88

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It doesn't matter if you brew your own loudspeakers or not, Troels has put together a wealth of good information about hi-fi in these pages. It's well worth a look.

Paul Luscusk's picture—a cool place for LP freaks.

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A great link for Japanese issue SHM, HQCD, & Blue Spec CDs that are never mentioned in American print media. Shame on you.

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It's the Audiophile Club of Athens! Huge respect for these guys. A lot of people can learn from them! Regards from their northern neighbor.

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Go to the following website:
Then click on "Audio Related Site List". This is an alphabetical listing of literally thousands of audio related web sited.

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A high fidelity Polish (in Polish and English) web magazine.

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It's an amateur's "spare time' attempt at introducing new or newer music to an older audience. You'll also find references to stereo music equipment and a few other things dear to the hearts of those of us who are 50+. Remember us? We're the ones who actually want to buy stuff!

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If it's not fun, why do it?

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All things being equal, single-driver, full range speakers sound more musical and alive, with more presence.

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The Audiophile Club of Athens.

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Cyril Bateman has an excellent web site that has downloadable articles with data on capacitor distortion. It's a must-read for those wishing to separate the hype from the reality.

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How about some actual science?

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If you care about sound and science, this is the place to go. Forget "exotic" stuff.

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For Aussies:

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A fan site with pictures, schematics, literature, and dating for most Mark Levinson products. A fan site for Audio Research with specs, dating, and original pricing. So complete and accurate that Audio Research has a link to it on their official site. High end audio from the perspective of some very passionate individuals in the Far East. They seem to be really into the resonance tuning of their rooms with stuff like Shun Mook and the like. Steve Guttenberg's blog which an interesting mix of high end and mid fi, and some wacky stuff . . . and of course Wes and Stephen's Stereophile blogs are lots of fun too!

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Cihangir Güzey's picture Very rich and continuously added contents make this site one of the most popular European audiophile sites.

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Jose Cuervo's picture has mucho pictures of juicy audio gear

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I'm sure others know about this one, but just in case: