Burmester 911 Amplifier and Artnovion Acoustic Panels

Robb Niemann, the CEO of Rutherford Audio, North American distributor for Burmester, had new product and corporate news to share. Two years ago, Burmester lost its charismatic and charming leader, Dieter Burmester, when he tragically passed away at a young age. Just this month, Andreas Henke, Porsche's marketing manager for Germany, accepted an offer to join Burmester as its CEO, a move that will strengthen the bond between Burmester and the noted automobile manufacturer. Robb also mentioned that the company plans to introduce new product at the Munich show, specifically a new flagship amplifier: the 159 monoblock, capable of 3.5kW output.

As for CES 2017, Robb Niemann and Dina Hoenge, Burmester's Chief Marketing Manager, showed me a working exhibit that featured the company's $35,000 350Wpc 911 MK3 stereo amplifier; the $15,000/pair B18 loudspeakers; a new $10,000 power conditioner; the $33,000 088 preamplifier; a new 151 media server, set to sell for $25,000 (half the price of Burmester's flagship media server), and a Burmester-modified Thorens turntable with SoundSmith MC cartridge. Also new were the stunningly modern and strikingly beautiful room-treatment panels by Artnovion; the panels seen behind the system are the Artnovion Sahara (left and right) and Alps (center), the total price of which is $2000. Dina and Robb used this system to play my favorite Burmester demo recording, "Poem of Chinese Drums," from the Burmester Demo CD #3. The sound was remarkably powerful.

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All of the pieces are stunningly beautiful, as well as the diffuser panel!

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Larry, do you know the name and model of the audio rack all that equipment is resting on?

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James, that seems to be the Burmester V3 audio rack.

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My wife even said she'd allow those in the room!

She vetoed based on price.

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Nice rack !
Price on the rack?