Boulder's 3050 monoblocks

When I walked into the Boulder room, I actually started to giggle. I was told Boulder was showing off some large new amps, but I was not ready for what I saw. Sitting atop plinths of solid granite were the new 3050 monoblock amplifiers. Unlike most monoblocks, the left and right amps, seen here with Boulder's genial Rich Maez, are designed as mirror images of one another for greater visual appeal. These class-A amps put out 1500W into 8 ohms, use 120 output devices, require a dedicated 240V AC outlet, and weigh 400 lbs each. Oh yes, they cost $180,000/pair. They will begin shipping soon and I am told that orders are already in for these beasts.

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Boulder designs some of the best looking and sounding amps in the world. I'm sure these are no exception. I would love to have these jaw-droppers in my living room.

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Shouldn't that read 240V AC outlet?

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Thanks for the catch, bertdw.