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Bi-amping and Bridging Krell with B&W

I am just getting around to putting back together my home theater after a relocation to Nevada. I want to hook up my two Krell FPB-300 stereo amps to my B&W Nautilus 801 Speakers. Each of the amps and the speakers have four binding posts (speakers for bass, and for mid and treble); amps for left and right. I am using four strand 10 gauge wire for each side (left and right).

I cannot locate online or in the Krell manual any wiring diagrams for setting up the amps either in biamp or bridge modes. Can someone enlighten me on the proper set up for each of the biamp and bridge modes?


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You should get great sound with those speakers and amps without bi-wiring or bi-amping. Just hook one amp to the speakers and you will be happy.

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I don’t know about bridging,

I don’t know about bridging, but you could just bi-amp them by hooking one amp to the bass terminals and one amp to the treble terminals. You will need high quality splitters coming off the output of the preamps, unless your preamp has 2 sets of outputs. If you are NOT astounded by the difference, I’d sell one of your amps.

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I have a feeling that the FPB

I have a feeling that the FPB series is actually fully balanced, hence is already operating in bridged mode, which might explain why a bridged mode is not available.

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