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B&W Music Club

Now here's a great idea from B&W of speaker fame and Real World Studios, owned by Peter Gabriel. The idea is thus (cut from the site):


The Real World partnership is part of an innovative business model that provides a brilliant deal for artists, and helps make sure we attract world-class talent.
  • B&W commissions each artist with the creative guidance of our partners at Real World.
  • We then pay that artist an advance and finance the creation of the recording, and associated content, at Real World Studios.
  • Each album we commission is offered for one month as part of the B&W Music Club.
  • Following an additional month, the rights to the album returns to the artist, who is then free to arrange a more traditional release deal with anyone they choose.

Each artist gets great exposure and a paid-for, reference-quality master tape.

The bottom line is that you, my dear audiophiles, get access to a constant stream of interesting new music, superbly recorded and available as a FLAC download, for a measly

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