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Audiophile rEvolution*

Well its been a while, months, since I last posted. sorry if this runs on, its kinda not well thought out.

I have a little mid-fi or low-fi or somewhere fi system depending on who you talk too.

I bought a Behringer DEQ2496, its not perfect but what component is?

to my ears it is

1)equal or better then the cambridge azur 340c when used as a dac with my pioneer DVD player. In every way i can think of. when the DEQ is off

2)the future of all things budget

If you want a overview of my system circa last year check out the Gallery.

but before we continue i have a point to make

I am the future of hi-fi, thats right I'm putting my music geek cahones(sp?) out on the table and labeling myself the future. at least me and my compatriots

So this thing has made an enormous impact on my system. It sounds much much closer to the better systems I have heard. Its not the same as those systems, just much closer, in most areas for which we have adjectives specific to our neurosis.

and that is half my point. If you have a class A set of components all in a well planned room with great acoustics and proper treatments, you may poo poo my little friend, but then again, your not the future are you**. I am, me and all the other guys like me who invented napster (mp3 generation and Hi-Fi ?!?! BLASPHEMER!).

thus I have seen the future, and the future includes DEQ or some automatic room equalization, possibly with a complete Automated room correction that is processed via PC to greatly improve, Base bumps/ crazy response curves/holes/tonal issues, also possibly helping timing issues/phase shift/ambient noise, not to mention lowgrade copper/DBX/Dup

EQ its come a long way, it can be done completely in the digital domain and it can transform a quality budget system.

that is my thesis

so what do you all think, has anyone had experience putting a RTA/autoEQ into a quality budget system? has anyone seen what a few chips and an inter cooler can do to an 87 Buick regal?

why else is this the future?

its cheap, its gadgety and it sounds impressive/geeky at the same time.

so what do you think?

*OMG that title is so f-ng clever!

seriously folks its been a long time, ya'll talk about Dup so much he's got himself an all new Legacy.

OMG that was so f-ng clever too!

**Ok so maybe we are all the future, lets hug

and dup please, i don't have the money for your rane stuff or legacy, I also think watts is important two, and my speaker wire was cheaper than yours, so please leave those items off the list.

to all: did you know that your ears actually make sound? like a speaker? weired!

Lamont Sanford
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Re: Audiophile rEvolution*

Finally, someone with a little common sense posts.

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Re: Audiophile rEvolution*

While you're talking about the future, did you check Ralph's recent post about the Slim Devices Transporter and some of the bargain stuff available from Slim Devices?

As to what others may think, I, for one, have been trying for the "Best Sound for the Money" merit badge since the 50's. Can't hardly fault you for doing the same. What is the best sound? Whatever you think it is. It's your money and your ears, so you get to say.

As a side note, I started browsing the forum listening to Louis and Ella from a lossless iPod file through a Total Bithead and a pair of Shure E3c in-ear phones. Now I'm playing the same file through an MF XCanv3 and HD 600's. The music was great both ways. The sound is better with this setup. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

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Re: Audiophile rEvolution*

The DEQ2496 is a fun device with an amazing amount of stuff crammed into it for the money.

Downside: it doesn't sound very good, either analog or digital. Be especially careful of overflow errors when it is asked to do much procesing at all (for example, you may hear a quiet popcorn popping kind of sound even when there is nothing being played.) It's made down to a price.

But the concept is good and it is fun to experiement. This is the kind of thing that TacT and others do quite well.

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