Are you planning on attending HE2003 next month?

Heading back to the West Coast after three Shows back East and in the MidWest, the Home Entertainment Show will fire up again in San Francisco on June 6. Will you be there?

Are you planning on attending HE2003 next month?
20% (36 votes)
4% (7 votes)
50% (88 votes)
9% (16 votes)
17% (30 votes)
Total votes: 177

tony esporma's picture

too far

DAB, Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

I am there every year, as time permits. However, I long for the days when hi-fi was king and was the focal point of home entertainment.

Christopher's picture

Besides being too far away and costly, the US ain't too friendly with foreign visitors nowadays. I can't stand the hassle of being searched, questioned, and scrutinised by airport security (all this while I was just in transit to Lima, Peru!)

KRB's picture

I'll consider attending if the show is held in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or New York City.

Brankin's picture

I was at the Westin show in '97, so I'd have a hard time justifying the trip again. I'll have to wait for another Midwest location, like Chicago or Indy.

Anonymous's picture

bad timing

Ron's picture

The previous show in San Francisco was one of my favorites.

Adam's picture

Wish I had the time/money but simply do not right now. I'm bummed!

Robert Dreher's picture

Yes, really looking forward to it. It will easier to get to from Colorado than New York. I am going as a trade person, as we build home theaters as part of our remodeling business. We will be searching for home theater ideas and tips and will enjoy meeting industry people and the people who write the articles that I read every month. Also will be great to be in SF again. Good food, beautiful town, and the San Francisco Giants at PacBell Park on Friday night. WOW!

Spent2much OnSystem's picture

Just upgrade my Stereophile subscription to include round trip airfare from NYC and hotel accomodations, and I'll be there.

Javier Santiago-Lucerna, MA's picture

It doesn't qualifiy as a vacation—at least for my wife.

Serpieri's picture

Schedule and funds do not permit.

Chuck's picture

When is the show returning to the LA area?

Tony P.,NY's picture

Loved them when they were here in New York. Wish I could afford to travel, but I can't.

C.  Healthgut, M.D., FACS's picture

I always make it a point to explore new technology, even if the endeavor proves to be an effort in utter futility.

Gower Suen's picture

Since it's in my part of the country. I went to the last one and had a good time. I'm looking forward to this one.

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

Look, I'm a geek, but with limits. If the HE2003 was within a couple hours drive, I'd think hard about going. But if I fly to San Francisco, it won't be to look at equipment.

Raj Patel's picture

It's about time!

Tony R.  Harrison Sr.'s picture

I live in Maryland. I'll catch the next East Coast show, as usual. Until then, I'll have to live vicariously and enjoy this year's show via the various published show reports.

Peter Klucken, Germany's picture

I go to the HE2003. But not the Home Entertainment Show, I got to the HIGH END 2003, a pure HiFi Show in Germany.

Russ Lachow's picture

Bah, humbug. Bring it back to NY!

Dave W.'s picture

Love to go but being an east coaster makes the trip too long and too costly.

Craig's picture

If I lived close enough to drive, I'd love to see the show but cost is an object. Bring the show to Houston or Dallas and I'll sign up.

Frosty's picture

The only one that was ever close enough for me to go to (Washington, DC) was canceled; very disappointing, as a friend and I had tickets and hotel reservations. Bummer!

Dilbert's picture

Ever since the 9/11 incident, the airlines won't let me wear my tie aboard the plane due to "safety concerns." As a result of this foolishness, I have chosen not to use comertial airlines. Getting there by boat is not an option as I would have to go through the Panama Canal, and the drive is too long.

David Friedlander's picture

I'm attenting with my lovely girlfriend who enjoyed last year's show in NYC! We'll drive down the coast to Carmel and Big Sur afterward for a well-deserved vacation week. Looking forward to a fun time at HE2003 and determining which speakers I should purchase to complete my system.

Bill Crane's picture

SF is too expensive and the show is a zoo.

Jose Garcia/Puerto Rico.'s picture

I don't think so, unless the kind people from Stereophile pay my expenses. Yeah Baby!

Anonymous's picture

There are no serious changes that matters me. (One cable digital interface for SACD & DVD-A) Jorge Liguori

Ima Newyauwka's picture

Sorry, I can't make the gig. See you next time you're on the East Coast!