Allnic Speednic Sweepstakes

Register to win an Allnic Speednic universal turntable speed verification system (MSRP $399) we are giving away.

According to the company:

"Its price of $399 reflects its luxurious fit and finish. You'd lust to own one for it's handsome looks but Speednic's record player speed verification at any frequency during play with it's highly visible indicator makes this tool's ownership a must."

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[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

Dick James's picture

Toys are always fun.

jrhud's picture

right to me.

Prole's picture

This would be a nice tool to dial in my Music Hall Cruise Control.

TeflonScoundrel's picture

I'd like to enter so I can measure whether my Rega runs fast, as some reports indicate.

kana813's picture

Looks like a great tool!

1ghostorchid's picture

Nice toy to have for fun!

dksfour's picture

have a few TT, so you know i really need this...

Anton's picture

Come to daddy!

otaku's picture

since my new record mat covers the speed strobe markings on my GA 312

vgencarelli's picture

Very nice

markbrauer's picture

as long as it's correct.

torturegarden's picture

I could sure use one of these.

krahbeknudsen's picture

Sounds good!

lenbell's picture

and wishful, id really like this device

volvic's picture

Just ordered a TD-124 and will be needing this to check its speed.

EricDayton's picture

It's really time to (re-)join the Analog World!!!'s picture

Great looking design!

Sonico's picture

Sweet toy! Would look great during my spinning sessions.

jinxedloki's picture


Steve C's picture

Have to use a florescent lamp to do this now. This would be great. Sign me up.

Music_Guy's picture

...need more ;-)

Mhkesling's picture

Wish me luck.

malvo's picture

if I actually enter the contest. Ok, so the improvement to my chances is marginal, but still there.

thad6000's picture

i'll take it.

mikerr's picture

I would love using this

desperaudio's picture

I can not enter to win (I'm an Allnic dealer and outside the geographic limitations as set out in the rules) but here's the thing - I used a Speednic in my home shop for years and use one now in the store we have and I'm here to say that if you set up tables (as in professionally - or even as a hobby) and you don't have a Speednic then you simply do not have one of the best tools in the turntable business.
If you already have one and use it - can I get an Amen?!?!

2_channel_ears's picture

or slow it down

Ovi_ch's picture

I could use it as a reading light too

MrGneiss's picture

Rad!! :-D

hltf's picture

that would be good to have.

CarterBro's picture

Count me in

toon's picture

Definitely something I and my friends could use

matthra's picture

I'm in

caseyw2's picture

Looks like a neat thing to win

blownrx7's picture

Can always use more toys!

Glotz's picture

Thank you Sirs!

Glotz's picture

Thank you Sirs!

corrective_unconscious's picture

I know I can mod it to clock my streamer.

roscoe13's picture

Need one ;)

mlueken's picture


vuckozagi's picture

Saw it at 2015 CAS.Looks and works really well.

jpkell05's picture

I don't really think I need this but I can't pass up a sweepstakes.

klatu385's picture

I'd like to enter so I can measure whether my Rega runs fast, as I sometimes read.

bierfeldt's picture

I would like one of these

paanders's picture

count me in. i'm sure my records play too slowly....

Simon Moond's picture

Very cool tool. I have a couple of TTs I am restoring this would be handy for.

contest's picture

I never win anything.

doak's picture my TT set-up arsenal.

popluhv's picture

Looks great too!

jmq's picture

Worth a try!

Napoli's picture

Good luck everyone

coffmand27's picture

So handy.

Bluejimbop's picture

Or is it dumb luck?

leogarpab's picture

Right speed is always needed.

sc00ter's picture

It'd be perfect for my three Bogen TTs.

Audiomutt's picture

Much better than a paper cut out @ 60hz

MWaehner's picture

Been wanting something like this.

Axiom05's picture

This would make a great gift for my son.

jmsent's picture

as part of an electronics repair business. Wouldn't this nifty little gadget be handy in my toolbox?'s picture

want one...

uniqueusername's picture

Yes, let me win one!

Mrs. Peel's picture

Love gadgets

duskdrums's picture

Yes please!

Jceaves's picture

I do need one of theses... Thanks.

AZDean's picture

Pick Me!

DanaHolmes's picture

Cool looking gizmotron - like the original version of War of the Worlds alien spacecraft. I don't even know if I could use it on my Clearaudio Concept turntable as I know of no way to adjust the peed on the Concept? Is there a way?

dhamrenjr's picture

Yes, the WRONG speed kills music! :) I like my music bReAtHiNg....



rjcasaly's picture

Toys are fun.

ra082214's picture

Would be a great tool to have to calibrate my turntable

mousse's picture

I'm waiting!

dbf73's picture

looks nice

rdfye's picture

Would love to have one, so I'll say please?

dmineard HT's picture

Yes, please send it my way.

jlafount's picture

I never even knew these existed before today

atc56's picture

Count me in!!

Bob in Coquille's picture

Looks good to me.

Timbo in Oz's picture

is freight free?

I'm in Australia!

Timbo in Oz's picture

is freight free?

I'm in Australia!

Raceingreen's picture

Want to test my friends tables out to see how accurate they are.....

persuader67now's picture

Yes please, one for me!

jeffrosen's picture

Gotta go round

l125255's picture

Now this is a novel idea to make sure the sound is perfect.

heitertjs's picture

I could use this to see if my almost 40 year old ERA Mk6 is turning at the correct speed.

yogacraig's picture

Sign me up!

audiojohn's picture

They say Rega's run a little fast. Now I can find out for sure!

jbk3's picture

the person with the most hifi toys wins? yep!! still have my first preamp and amp.

2_channel_ears's picture

Speed I do, Speed I do

viaaf's picture

Who could resist?

Pryso's picture

Are batteries included?