Afrobeat Eric participant Eric Schneck of Brooklyn, New York (that's right, Brooklyn...watchu lookin' at) is the lucky winner of the Fela Kuti Box Set Sweepstakes.

After receiving notice of his winnings, Eric wrote, "Pity. I'm on a conference call so I cannot jump up and yell and scream!" When Eric stopped by the Stereophile office on Madison Avenue to pick up his prize, he seemed especially giddy, pacing back and forth and ripping open his prize the second I turned my back. He says his Nigerian coworker is crazy jealous.

In this picture, Eric poses with his prize and the special Stereophile Collector's Edition Recommended Components. I offered Eric a copy, but he said he already had one. I offered him a March issue, and he said he was already a subscriber. Well, Eric, all your faithfulness to Stereophile has finally paid off! All that's left now is to enjoy the tunes. Congratulations.

judykantar's picture

I am the Nigerian colleague and this is a great prize, so yes I am jealous. smiley. Enjoy it Eric, congrats again!