Aesthetix Pandora DAC

Shown above is the new Pandora DAC which has three slots on the back for a variety of input options including AES, USB (asynch) and SPDIF, and tube analog stage and both balanced and unbalanced outputs and an optional volume control. Retail is $6k.

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Hi Jon,

Thanks for stopping by our room and reporting on the Pandora DAC from Aesthetix!

Just wanted to let you and the readers know that it comes standard at $6K with one input board comprised of S/PDIF, AES/EBU and Toslink inputs capable of handling up to 24/192 and one input board with an asynchronous USB input (licensed from Wavelenth Audio) capable of Class 1 24/96 or Class 2 24/192. There is a third slot for an additional USB or possibly other expansion options. An optional volume control based upon their Calypso preamplifier is an additional $1K.


Joe Wessling, Sales Manager

Musical Surroundings