Added to the Archives This Week

Any audiophile who stumbles onto one of the more cantankerous audio newsgroups ("wreck audio opinion," anyone?) may wonder what has happened to the modern breed of audiophiles. One suspects that religious wars pale when compared to how some audio pundits jostle against each other! But over the years, there has always been a wide variety of opinion. For a perspective written decades ago that still holds true today, we present J. Gordon Holt's classic "Why Hi-Fi Experts Disagree."

Next, we bring Web readers part one in a three-part series that attempts to reveal how Stereophile's audio writers practice their craft. The first installment, titled "A Babel, a Babble . . . ," sets the stage with a 1989 roundtable discussion among 13 Stereophile writers. To graph or not to graph, that is one of the questions.