Added to the Archives This Week

There's nothing like a new high-resolution format to get an audiophile's interest, and this year saw two major announcements. But with DVD-Audio stalling, attention is sure to focus on Sony and Philips' new SACD format. Jonathan Scull jumps right in with his review of the Sony SCD-1 Super Audio CD/CD player. As J-10 notes: "Rarely have I anticipated the arrival of a review component as I did the Sony SCD-1 Super Audio CD player." But does it live up to the hype?

We continue with the fourth installment of Scull's ever-popular system- and room-tweaking column, "Fine Tunes." J-10 reveals a few key audiophile tricks for getting the best soundstage presentation out of your system and room. Required reading for music-lovers of all stripes.