Acoustic Zen

Robert Lee of Acoustic Zen, one the most photogenic men in hi-fi, is shown here with his Crescendo loudspeakers ($16,000/pair) and electronics from Triode Corporation (Tri)—TRV-845SE amplifier ($6000), TRX-1 tube preamplifier ($3000), and the TRV-CD4SE tube CD player ($2200). Cables were from Acoustic Zen. I wrote down “gentle top end” in my scratch pad and that’s what I recall—this was an easy-to-like listen.

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Mr. Robert Lee is THE Man when it comes to cables.

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After listening to several of the "elite" expensive systems during the three days at the show, the Acoustic Zen/Triode room stood out.   This affordable system easily performed with the elite systems and outperform many, if not most.

Please keep in mind, the elite systems cost many times more than the Acoustic Zen/Triode combination.   For me, it is painfully difficult to justify the added expense for the elite systems for so little improvement, if any.

Also noteworthy, these speakers can be easily powered with ~ 40 watts of clean tube power.  

These speakers are worth seeking out and conducting "controlled" listening with your favorite recordings.  They are clearly are off the chart in the performance/price ratio in today's pricey elite speaker systems.


Very Highly Recommened!!

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Agree with the comment above.

   Considering how small most of the showrooms were, how difficult it must have been to integrate anything bigger then monitors and how poorly some of the presented speakers blended in I was really amazed by the sound of this particular system, especially in the lower range.  Bass was so tight, controlled and powerful, I just couldn't believe my ears and there was nothing like it on the show anywhere else.

   I had to go back several times to check my first impression and even brought my CD to verify it wasn't some special music that was played and O.M.G. sound really was astonishingly good. Now I will definitely want to compare these with B&W 802 I was saving my money for. My applause to the designer, what an achievement!