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Which receiver ?
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Onkyo is doing a lot of things right in capturing good marketshare, but I suggest waiting another month or so for auditioning one item from Denon's "08" series, specifically the AVR 2808, which is reported to have the same functionality as the high-end 3808 and 4308.

SRP for the 2808 (110 W., True HD, HDMI 1.3) is $1199. Tendency is for Denon product to not be discounted as heavily as Onkyo, but there is an upside to that with regard to resale.

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You may also want to look into B&K. I don't remember the exact model number, but it was MUCH more refined than the Denons or the Onkyo

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There's lots of good receivers in that price range. I'd suggest comparing features very carefully for what's actually most important to you. For a given price, I don't think there is gonna be huge differences in sound quality, although some, like the Onkyo, are more adept at handling lower speaker impedences. Personally, I really like a lot of Onkyo's current products. I think they are on the upswing. Denon is solid, too, of course, and Pioneer Elite offers a lot of bang for the buck. Yamaha is a definite contender, too, as is Sony ES and Sherwood Newcastle. Ain't it great to have a choice?

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