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Long interconnects vs. long speaker wire

I was recently in the process of building a second system where I had the need for either:

1) 3 ft interconnects, 17 ft speaker cables
2) 17 ft interconnects, 9 ft speaker cables

When I did the research, I found that there are divided opinions on this subject. I understand that long interconnects are more subject to picking up noise from other sources, but that was not a factor in my case. Amplifier power was also not a factor.

The problem is that custom lengths of either interconnect or speaker wire are very expensive. Many manufacturers won't even do full refunding (or for some, no refund at all) of custom lengths. Others do not even make custom lengths. So, it can be very expensive to experiment.

I was really surprised that this is such a debate. It seems that the rule should be more or less a hard and fast one (Although I don't no why. It seems nothing ever is).

I know what ending up being my findings, but I do not want to bias any response.

I'm really curious in hearing the opinions/experience of others....

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Re: Long interconnects vs. long speaker wire

There are trades to be made between both choices, and the answer can vary between installations. Either choice can be made to work well. I prefer very short speaker connections with the amplifier a few inches from the speaker. For multichannel this generally means some relatively long inteconnects, which may need to be balanced if you are in an electrically noisy environment. I want to try wireless digital interconnections in my next upgrade.

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Re: Long interconnects vs. long speaker wire

Put me in the short IC and long cable column. Some cables can easily make for longer runs without problems. If I did have to run long cables, I would make sure to get them up off the carpet.

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