Give Me a Tenor

Tenor's promised Tenor Pre preamplifier ($40,000) is a hybrid, using tubes for the input stage and MOSFETs for the output. It should be available in two months. As a whole, the Tenor system (fleshed out with Hansen Emperors and Kubala-Sosna cables) was outstanding.

Tenor is definitely ready for prime time. They have the goods, now they need to establish a market. Ironically, in this economic downturn, the market for ultra-high-end audio seems to be growing, so they may be well situated to grow.

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WP - What source components were being used with the Tenor/Hansen gear?Thx-LP

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It was a Continuum/Copperhead (%56,500) with a Koetsu Onyx Platinum.

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$56,500, I meant.