Moscode Knows What You Want

George Kaye had his 120Wpc Moscode 402Au Stereo power amplifier ($6495) on display. Like the 401HR before it, the 402AU accepts a variety of tubes in its front end. The 402 adds low negative feedback, optically coupled floating bias circuit, and dual mono power supplies.

Add to that a whole bevy of high-end components, such as Edison Price binding posts (soldered directly to the output module), Cardas input connectors and internal wiring), and six output devices per channel—the better to run low impedance speakers, Kaye said.

Sonically, it's far smoother and detailer than the 401HR, which I know because I still listen to one. Good job, Mr. Kaye.

George Kaye's picture

Dear Wes,It was great, as always, to see you at the show and thank you for the kind words.There are a few things in the description of the 402Au that I would like to address.The 402Au is 200 watts/channel into 8 ohms, 325+w into 4. We no longer use an optically coupled output bias. Bias is now a bootstrap circuit that extends the low end to the way below. And the smoother and detaill-ier you speak of is in part due to gold plating of the circuit boards and some other refinements. I am very pleased you notice the difference.Thanks again,George KayeMoscode, Inc.