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Ariel Bitran
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Joined: Jun 1 2007 - 2:14pm
Your Ears

in the upcoming March issue, Erick Lichte talks about being an audio gear slut (as is the existence of the audio reviewer)

around 12am last night, this question popped into my head: are your EARS sluts or prudes?

(open to interpretation)

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Joined: Aug 17 2008 - 2:52pm
My ears

are such sluts! They will listen to and enjoy almost any system that is not too painful. But then they will raise hell about pitch problems! So they are inconsistent sluts at that.


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My ears are more like rich bitches

You can't please them with just any old audio. They know what they like and are never satisfied for very long.

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My ears

Hopefully my ears are just happy little campers .

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As is their wont

my ears are open to everything and anything. The real work is getting my brain to follow their lead.

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my ears......

.....are fried due from being exposed to sirens on a Fire truck for the last 21 years. :-(

The assholes in the Fire administration would not let us wear noise cancelling headphones since it was "not part of our issued uniform."

Total backasswards idiots. I should sue thier asses off.

Thank God I broke the rules and wore foam earplugs most of the time. Still it wasn't the best remedy.

Mark Evans

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Hearing Damage Sucks,

I agree with you soulful.terrain, someone serving such a noble cause deserves better.

My ears are tired old sluts. Workplace noise + loud muscle car + loud home stereo + too many weekends in bars + just entirely too many concerts = a tired old fool who should have known better. Take note kiddies, and listen to your parents. Wear earplugs or you will regret it later!

P.S. a friend of mine drove trains for 20-odd years and has the same problem as you, soulful.terrain. My hearing loss was stupidly self-inflicted.

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my ears get uppity

in certain situations. Like whenever Axl Rose opens his mouth, or Hall and Oates (ducking) sing, or Bob Dylan croaks after about 2007, or some plastic surgery bimbo "sings" with auto tune at 11.

"What are you trying to do to me? Don't you think I know where you live?" I imagine them intimating to me.


Graham J Samuels
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re ear sluts

Would say sluts with a postive attitude, Sad to say when listening to bad sound systems go into the prude mode However dont get in the way of hearing the music , Ah Pajama People Wish theyd all go away .

Erick Lichte
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Joined: Nov 7 2010 - 4:40pm
Prudish sluts
My ears are prudes when it comes to volume (I just won't listen at crazy loud levels) and sluts when it comes to the variety of music I listen to.
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