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your best IEM for iphone recommendation?

likely to mostly be listening to iFoam 6 plus on the go, just looking for the best in ear monitors in ear earphones money can buy.

I've considered going down the path of the CIEMs from Cosmic Ears since they are affordable (compared to most other CIEM brands) ~$600 and have an online presence, but I recently got a $150 gift card from Amazon and was considering just IEMs from westone w40

the problem with CIEM like the ones from Cosmic ears is that I might need an amp with it. I am looking for something I might be able to use on the go with just an apple 6+

edit: I actually don't know the specs in terms of power, etc required to drive certain 6 driver CIEMs which is why I am looking for a common IEM to use with iphone.

edit2: is a CIEM that much more worth it, considering westwone w40 would be $350 with discount over a CIEM like cosmic one at roughly $700 (with ear impressions), and would it work with iFoam 6+?

thank you very much for your future recommendation,
wannabe audiophile.

btw searched forums, didn't find it :)

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All in all, headfonia has

All in all, headfonia has quite a lot of reviews and discussions of CIEM's, and you can get through those very quickly since there are pretty much user questions only following the reviews, and very little chat. My personal favorite for off-the-shelf is the Sennheiser IE800, partly because the eartips are premium quality, and partly because I really like the single-driver sound.

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