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You may not have heard . . .

It came up over iTunes here at work, Orange Crate Art. It is a colaboration between Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys and Van Dyke Parks. It is solidly American pop music, dense, surprising, and with great arrangements. The music is complex and interesting, but still charming. And Brian is in fine voice. He does all the vocals, and if angels sing better in heaven, it is going to be a wonderful eternity. (I have it from a good source that they serve Left Hand Brewerys Milk Stout on draft in the heavenly realms, but this cd might be the background music.)

As far as sonics go, it is nothing spectacular. At least the cd I have. It was released in 1995, but I listen to it pretty regularly. There is a joy in the music that I find uplifting.

Let me know what you think. And return the favor with your own suggestions.


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