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Yamaha A-S500 problems


new to the forum and new'ish to audio equipment.

I recently purchased a new yamaha A-S500 integrated amp, from an authorised dealer, brought it home, hooked it up and one of the channels was distorted.

Doubled checked my wiring, tried again, still distorted- left channel only. Switched my speakers, right went to left and left to right and the distortion still appeared in the channel. Rechecked wiring- but cannot believe that's the problem if one speaker works fine in one channel and not the other. Speakers are wharfedale diamond 10.2s from my home cinema- which still work perfectly with my onkyo receiver...

So I'm guessing this is an out-of-box failure? Is this typical? Having read elsewhere I'd say its unusual. No problems with returning the amp- dealer doesn't seem to care, he is just replacing it- no questions. But I'm wondering is this an inherent problem, something that happens a lot? My experience with yamaha has always been positive.

Also when I turned the amp on for the first time I got a "pop" through my speaker which was on the distorted channel...

The distortion is a constant low level hiss and the bass just sounded off.

Not trying to solve the problem as the amp is going back but I'd be interested in what you guys think. When the new one arrives I'll give you another update- its getting paired with some diamond 10.6s (if they ever arrive!!)

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