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Yamaha NS-777 or Dali Zensor 7?


I’m looking for some good floorstanding speakers. Based on some recommendations I stopped at Yamaha NS-777 and Dali Zensor 7. As for the receiver, I think I’ve decided for Yamaha RX V477. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Yamahas but also many opinions that they do quality amps/receivers but not so good speakers and that Dali would be a better option. Unfortunately I do not have the possibility to listen them before purchase so I hope I get some advices from someone who listened to both of them. An important aspect is that the Yamahas are 3 way and Dali 2 way speakers.
I have to mention that I’m not looking for sound power but sound quality.
Other speaker options are also welcomed :)

Thank you very much,

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I think you will find that the sound quality of the Dali speakers is MUCH better than the Yamahas.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to 2-way vs 3-way speakers; that discussion gets very technical if it addresses the issues thoroughly. It involves crossover types and designs, driver types and designs, and enclosure types and designs. There is no simple answer as to which is "better".

I will also advise you that in my personal experience Yamaha amplifiers and receivers are the worst-designed and most overpriced on the market. I would strongly advise against them.

NAD and Cambridge make far better amplifiers and receivers, and one only has to do a direct comparison to hear the difference in sound quality. Even Marantz is far far better than Yamaha.

I also think that the Yamaha would be totally unsuitable for driving the Dali speakers because of its low-quality amplifiers and power supplies.

It will help in making specific recommendations if you specify whether this is to be a 2-channel or multi-channel system and what your budget limits are.

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