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Wyred 4 Sound amps: Sonics of different ICE power modules

I'm going to get W4S amps to bi or tri-amp my Emerald Physics CS 2.3's, and would appreciate feedback from anyone who has heard two or more of the following: the SX or ST-250, using the B&O ASC power module, the SX or ST-500 or 1000 (using the ASP module), and the multi-channel amps, which come in a number of configurations (the Mini MC uses the B&O ASX module).  W4S identifies the 250 as the "more detailed" of its amps.

I'm trying to decide whether to start with 2 stereo units, and add a third later, or to get a 6 or 7 channel MC or Mini MC amp and tri-amp from the get-go. If the sonics of the multi-channel amps aren't up to those of the stereo units, I'll wait to add a third amp.  Please share your experience if you've heard W4S amps that use different B&O ICE power modules.  Thanks.

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