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Would like your opinion.

Description of current setup:  I run an IPOD Classic 160 GB using the internal DAC to a Tandberg 3012a integrated amp that power two 1968 (updated in 1985) Klipschorn speakers.  I live in a 100+ year old Belgium brick farm house.  The speakers are about 16 feet apart placed in the corners along the same wall of my rectangular living room.  The living room is brick and mortar with heavy plaster walls.  The floor is ceramic over concrete.  The centered listening area is exactly center between each speaker and about 12 feet from each speaker.  I have two couches and the closest seat to any one speaker is about 3 feet.  The room has three access points.  Two solid wood doors appose each other with one door that remains shut along the same wall as the speaker.  The room is accessed as well by a very steep staircase.  I hope that paints a good enough picture of my current listening room. 

What I am considering for upgrades:  A high quality “used” 2 channel amp and pre-amp.  Price range $500-2000.  A CD player with DAC that is made for IPOD direct digital signal. Price range up to $1000.  I have considered the Peachtree INova as an all in one solution, but I don’t know if this is a step up or not.

A few question: 

1.  Where does my Tandberg 3012a integrated amp fall in quality as an amplifier compared to what has been available in the past 10 years?

2.  Would you replace the Tandberg with a more modern unit or would only minimal gains be heard.

2.  What “used” amp and pre-amp would you recommend for my set up?

3.  What “made for” IPOD DAC/CD player would you use?  With Tandberg or with another Pre-amp/amp combo.

Please understand that I enjoy this hobby, but I am not an expert.  I politely ask that this post not to turn into a debate.  I am looking for you expert opinion on getting the best stereo sound from my current setup.  Thanks ahead of time for your opinion.



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The DAC is your weak point...

Buy a device like the Wadia 170 to strip the digital signal and feed it to a decent DAC. There are a host around $500 and the combo with cable would still cost well under a grand.

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