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Wishing you ALL the Best, including Lamont, excluding no-one

To each and everyone (especially those I might disagree with often in political discussions), Happy Thanksgiving!

Let's each take a moment to remember not just all we have, but everything that has been given us. From the first settlers who risked and often gave their lives for something better,(a radical notion at the time), to fellow citizens now that work hard, play by the rules, and contribute to what is easy to take for granted. It's a lot less than perfect, but so are each one of us, and we are lucky to even get to try to make a great country better.

My forefather's settled in Scituate MA in the early 1600's and since then my family's fortunes have gone up and way down many times, all depending on the particular generation or individual's luck and personality. That has taught me a valuable lesson: we can ONLY learn from who came before us, but not depend or rely on them to do it for us. Each day it's up to us to make the most of what we have, for better or worse.

Today, even after a year which has seen some unemployment and reduced opportunities, I can take stock and honestly say it's good to be where I am.

Best again to you all:

Doug Bowker
Salem, MA

SAS Audio
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Amen to that

Hi DB,

Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone else here.



Lamont Sanford
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Ah, same to you, man.

Ah, same to you, man.

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