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Windows WMA files - Rave & Rant

I discovered the following website:

You give them a URL to a site with video and they'll e-mail you a link so you can download the file(s). Being the high brow person that I am () I immediately got some funny commercials I'd seen on . So far it works very well, and is free to boot!

The problem is when I try to play the files. On an older PC running Windows Media Player v7.01.00.3055 the video plays just fine. Using a Win XP PC the videos will not play, giving me a "corrupted file" message. I've tried Windows Media Player, plus the Yahoo player and Winamp without any success.

Question: can anybody tell me what the problem is and how to get around it?

2nd Question: can anybody tell me how to rip the audio out of WMA files (preferably to mp3 format)?



P.S. If you want one of the files to test, send me your e-mail address via pm and I'll pass one along (about 2-4Mb each).

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WMA files.

You should be able to burn the files onto a blank DVD disc.

Then rip them from the disc, and select MP3 as the format to be used in your Windows Media Player settings.

I'm not sure how much functionality that older version has, though, for video.

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