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windows sound drivers for Ayre / USB async Dacs - results of some fiddling

I've got the ASIO4ALL drivers installed finally after a bit of fiddling.

I tried the AQVOX drivers on my non-media server windows 7 PC and they installed easily enough but the beep every minute or so they impose on you with the trial version is extremely annoying and off-putting.

Sadly the uninstall does not work and did not remove the drivers from my system so I can't use my baby DAC until I figure out a way to properly clean out the installation.

Ayre do suggest using the ASIO4ALL drivers but really they need to write a proper installer for them that grabs the appropriate plugin library for whichever music player you are using. I hope Mr Hansen is reading this!

If anyone has had similar issues with the AQVOX drivers please let me know if you have a fix. I'm going to get in touch with them and have a rant.

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