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Wilderness Road

Well it seems that Mr. Mejias left his dear readers with a bit of cliffhanger this month. After introducing the Wilderness Road album with a series of tasty quotes extolling the fine music contained in those black grooves SM only manages to clean the badly warped record before the column abruptly ends, hopefully to be continued next month.

Well Stephen I can say after many years of listening to Wilderness Road that the best to enjoy WR is not to bake the LP but rather for you to get "baked" instead. For your information, "Sold for the Prevention..." is the second Wilderness Road album, their first self titled album, while not as polished as the delightful second LP is also quite good.

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Do you mean cook oneself in a oven?

That's just silly!

Stephen Mejias
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re: hopefully to be continued next month

The column will definitely be continued and completed next month.  It's already written and off to the printer.

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