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Why isn't my amp loud enough? Connecting consumer audio devices to Solen amps

Why isn't my amp loud enough? Connecting consumer audio devices to Crown amps

The question is when connecting a consumer audio device directly to an audio amp pro? The chances are that the output level on these devices will not be high enough to drive the amplifier to full functionality of the power. All branded amplifiers require at least 1.4Vrms (also known as +4dBu) at the input in order to reach full power at the output.
Typically, an XLR connector will carry pro audio levels. Most mixing board outputs provide same these. on the other hand, audio standard consumers are the RCA connector (usually red and white) or the mini plug (in the past are used for portable audio players).Furthermore, the XLR format provides a higher signal voltage same than two copies of the signal, together called a balanced line. The extra copy of the signal has the added benefit of being used by the amplifier to nod get the noise that gets into the audio link from lights, such as computers and other equipment.
So the best way to convert an unbalanced, consumer audio output to the branded XLR, a balanced pro-audio input is with an active converter box, a little preamplifier placed between the unbalanced source and the amplifier. As an example, a simple XLR-to-RCA adapter cable will not provide any boosted or balanced signal conversion and usually won't provide satisfactory results.
Converters come in many kinds normally you’ll only need a simple 2-channel version. These should cost less than $100, you can buy from branded distributors in canada such as, yo ucan also get their discount and pay amp oand compenant on sale and can be found at any pro audio retailer. A Google search of "amplifiers Canada" will yield several good choices such as the ART CleanBox or Rolls ProMatch

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