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Whole new system, all new cables - recommendations please

Hi everyone. This is my first post here on stereophile and I need some advice. A little background summary on my limited experience with audio; I used to be more of a home theater, mid fi (Denon, Paradigm, Polk), surround sound kind of guy back in my early 20s. I didn't have much money but lived in north Jersey where I had access to many dealers and I used to read all the forums and magazines. Unfortunately now I live in SC and there are no dealers nearby and because of my job I simply cannot go driving all over the place to demo gear. Now I can afford a better setup and have drifted away from home theater and into 2 ch audio with less emphasis on home theater. I have been in the process of buying pieces for a brand new, ground up system. I listen to mostly classic rock, new rock, alternative, hip hop/rap, sometimes cello, classical, and jazz. I only have a small record collection but will expand that once my system is complete. Unfortunately most of my music collection right now is mid to high quality mp3s, but I can easily hear differences in music sources and quality. I can't listen to satellite radio because it sounds so compressed to me it gives me a headache. After much research and reading I have planned out most of my system and now own most of the components except the integrated and cables, but have not been able to listen to any of it. I need advice on cables (interconnects, speaker, power) for the entire system and would like to stick to one brand if possible. I have looked at JPS, Nordost, HiDiamond, Kimber, and Stealth, but am open to any suggestions. I'll also take advice on the integrated and a DAC. I would pay up to 5k for cables, 10k for integrated, and 4k for DAC. Haven't decided on a power source yet either, but have looked at PurePower. Below are my components. 

TT: Clearaudio Ovation

Phonostage: New Valve Order (NVO) SPA II, the good one with the push buttons 

Integrated: Octave v110 with super black box (I'm about to buy this but have been on the fence because of all the great integrated gear showing up lately, like Ayre, Allnic, PrimaLuna, etc.) Previously I was looking at SS gear from Simaudio, Parasound, Jeff Rowland, etc. because I'm using subs. 

Speakers: dynaudio C1 II (the new models)

Subs: Two JL F112s linked together, so I only need one output from the integrated

DAC: have not decided yet

Other: dynaudio Xeo for surround, Oppo, and Emotiva for HT stuff

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Welcome! to the wonderful

Welcome! to the wonderful world of cables/cords.  Add Wireworld IC & Speaker cables to your audition list.

Most importantly, (strongly) consider a STAGE III Concepts Power Cord for the Octave amp.

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