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Whole home system in new house

I just moved into a new house with a whole home system on the first floor, but it seems kind of wonky. I need help with figuring out what to buy on a budget (multichannel amp for sure I imagine and probably a pre-amp or new receiver). The system has 4 in wall speakers in the living room supporting a 5.1 system. It also has a pair of speakers in 2 other interior rooms and a pair of speakers on the deck.

First, the 6 speakers in other rooms appear to be ganged together through a connecting block behind the wall plate into 2 sets of binding posts (left and right channel for each location). Each set of speakers also has an in-wall volume control knob in the corresponding room. The problem is, with these speakers ganged together, the old amplifier the previous owner left behind doesn't have enough power to get good volume to the speakers (particularly the outdoor ones!).

1. Can I just separate these speakers into their own sets of binding posts each on a new wall plate, or does this risk screwing up my volume knobs or exposing my amplifier to damage? Should I do this individually or by pair (keep the stereo functionality or not)?

2.) Any suggestions on how to get signal to these? I'd like to keep a 5.1 setup in the living room. For the other room speakers, it is fine with me for them to all have the same input (don't need different music in different rooms). I guess it would be nice if they could carry the tv signal as well, but that's not a make or break issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to do this cheaply with an eye to potentially upgrading in the future. This isn't my main TV viewing room, so I am more focused on the ability to have whole home music.

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