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Who wrote the August my back pages?

There were some very idiotic ideas thrown out by the OP.
Does this author know financial fundementals?
The OP did a huge disservice to his readers by recommending people to buy up and get a loan to accomplish this.
Getting a loan on a higher priced piece of equipment is the most idiotic comment someone can make.

You should never tell people to go above their means and get a loan.
IMO you should never want to take a loan out for a car and specially for stereo gear. You do know that right after you purchase a car or stereo, the value drops drastically so you will be making payments to something that is valued at 50% lower.
You should make it a point to save for what you want and pay cash for it. Never ever buy an expensive piece of equipment. Save until you have enough to pay cash

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His name is at the top of the

His name is at the top of the page...................................but, I suspect, you know that.

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