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Which Loudspeaker?????

Hello, I'm a novice in the HIFI's world and in this forum too. At first, sorry for my english, i'm from spain.
I have a question to do but i cant find nobody to answer...i want you to help me because i have a PC for the listening of my music and i will buy an ASUS XONAR ESSENCE STX for a better audio but i don't know what type of loudspeaker i would have to buy to optimize that sound card. Now, I have a Sennheisser HD485 and ALTEC LANSING VS 2621 2.1 ( wait for you responses. MANY MANY THANKS¡¡

at least,. for read this, thank you

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Audioengine 5

Audioengine 5 powered loudspeakers.

Emotiva Ultra Sub 10 powered subwoofer.

Oh yeah, and use lossless digital audio files.

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