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which headphones

I need some really good headhones just for listening to music. I don't need them to cancel out a bunch of noise, what I need are phones that are comfortable enough that I can wear them for a solid hour or two without my head or ears getting sore or my ears/head sweating so much that it gets gross.

The most important thing is the sound quality. I've had a few cheap headphones over the years that sounded amazing, but the vast majority of headphones, especially ear buds sound terrible!

It also needs to be under $100

Any suggestions?

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I suggest...

my favorite for under $100 is the Sennheiser PX 100 II.  Looks cheap but sounds fantastic.   Also like Grado SR60's or their iGrado, Beyerdynamic DT 235

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Yep on the Grado Srs.

I got a pair for my daughter and I really enjoy them too! The sound is light (in the best possile way) and airy but there is still bass in the picture. You can listen to them for a long time, and with a $100 budget you could even step up to one of the pricier models. Grado makes good stuff, I bet you would enjoy them.


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can't beat grado

seriously the best under $100.  if you're ok with some sound leakage, look no further.  the most natural sounding phones on the market.

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