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which ext.soundcard or dac with headphone amp to buy for sennheiser hd558 and my laptop hp compac nc8230

i have a pc hp compaq nc8230
(audio specification:AC '97,Sound Blaster Pro
Audio Output Sound card .Compliant Standards AC '97,
Sound Blaster Pro .Audio Input Microphone)
i bought phones sennheiser hd 558,
mostly i listen to music in wma ( my original cds copied on hard disk) and mp3 formats(downloaded from torrent sites like piratebay,demonoid,...)
my soundcard isn t good enough for such great phones and on the previous
forum threads most of forum people told me that it isn t smart to buy just an quality headphone amp because my main music source (my sound card) is low quality,
so the first and most important thing is that i have a high quality soundcard,
i want to buy an external usb high quality soundcard or external dac(they told me that that is the same thing as an soundcard,even better) that has a headphone amp on itself
people told me if i buy a external soundcard and install it,that the first soundcard which is integrated on my computer wont have any effect on the sound anymore
so if that s true all what they say to me,than i can get a great sound just buying an
quality external soundcard,
one of the main problems i have had previous with my music on the laptop(besides the low quality) is when i listen
to music by maximum volume than i hear a murmur(or bad noise, dont know how to call that,my english is bad) on the sound, i want to be sure that that wont happen anymore when i buy that new external soundcard
idont want an internal soundcard, i just want an external soundcard(with an hq head.amp)
because its easier to connect it with usb to the pc and so i dont need to go to a shop that someone installats
-i want someone who is really an expert for such things that suggest me whats the best
external soundcard for my sennheiser hd 558 phones and my laptop hp compaq nc8230
my friend has a hifi Philips MC M772/12 ,,
i con nected my sennheiser hd 558 headphones to the hifi and listened to music on it,and was were satisfied with the sound
which ext.soundcard or dac (with headphone amps) should i buy that i can get such sound that i have when i conected those phones to philips MC M772/12 ,, (fro(( jiijij(t((shhhhh
the specifications for that hifi are on that site
the money which i want to spend for that ext.soundcard is beetween 300 and 400 dollars, if its a little bit more expensive than that price it won t be a big problem,
please i want that people answer to me that are real experts for such things
thanks in advance

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can anybody help me

can anybody help me

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NuForce uDac 2

I recommend this inexpensive one ($129) - it's a USB driven DAC and headphone amp and preamp.  I have NOT directly compared it to others and there are good and probably better ones for higher prices but can't speak w/ experience about those.

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