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Which CD Player Should I Buy?

I am just starting out with my interest in high end audio. I'm trying to decide on a CD player to buy. I have a million and one questions while trying to stumble into this exciting realm without falling on my face.
My current equipment is as follows: (I paid about $60.00 for all of this equipment over the past year at a local thrift store)
Sony STR-DE675 AVR
Sony SCS-CE595 SACD player
Sony TC-RX55ES cassette deck
Sony MDS-JE520 minidisc deck
Polk Audio LS50 speakers
JBL Sub-Woofer Sub 135
Right now I am using a 1979 Kenwood KA-5700 integrated amp that I got at a yard sale for $5.00 and a Toshiba SD-4000 dvd player to play CDs with the polk Audion LS50 speakers. I got the SD-4000 because of the 192 kHz/24 bit DAC and it also has an HDCD decoder and plays mp3 & wma files.
I didn't really like using the sub-woofer so I tried the 2 channel mode but couldn't get any bass or depth even with usin the EQ Tone feature. SO I thought I would try the KA-5700 amp with the polk Audio speakers and WOW I couldn't believe the sound I have been missing...
So I want to start with a new CD player and I have three in mind and any input on these or others around the $400 price range would be very very welcomed.
1)Marantz CD5004 $350
2) NAD C545BEE $500
3) Cambridge Audio AZUR 350C $500

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