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Where is the best source to Rip/purchase HIGHEST Quality?

Hi, yes I am a noob. Sorry.

Question... I really should be honest and say I will probally never own another turn table or play records...


I am looking for the correct sources to get the highest quality Audio. I was reading about analog and digital CD/ DVD quality differences and I am wondering how to get the highest quality Audio that is Digital. I read there is already or is a new technology-  192 khz /24-bit audio dac?

Are there sites to purchase in this quality or as close as possible? Is there something better out there?


Thank You, Wayne

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You need a computer audio system or music server of some

kind to play digital music files. To get the highest quality audio with hi rez, you not only need the source/file, you also need resolving equipment and your ears have to be good enough to hear the difference.

The amount of 24-bit/192kHz digital music available is quite limited. are a few of those sources.

There are SACD and DVD-A media available which can be played with a universal disc player like the Oppo.

There are also XRCDs.

I have most of my music ripped from CDs at 16-bit/44.1kHz. Its all I need, I don't think the cost of hi rez is worth it.

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