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When a Hi Fi system just won't do

Jeff Beck at the Ryman Auditorium, Nashville TN, Wednesday, April 27th.  The Iridium Tour.  ***** stars. Jeff Beck, Jason Rebello, Rhonda Smith,  and Narada Michael Walden.

His only guest for the show was an opener by Tyler Bryant with just an acoustic guitar, which was surprising since Tyler had put on a free show at the Pecos Valley Winery here in Roswell, NM earlier this month.  Jeff Beck has been real generous over the years with giving new talent a break into the light.  Tyler did come out during the encore to play with Jeff on Sly's "I Wanna Take You Higher".  Jeff and his band played like there was no tomorrow.

This are the types of shows and venues you just can't capture on a recording.  You have to be there.  It is mandatory and once in a lifetime listening experience.

If you're in FL you may catch one of his remaining shows for this particular tour.





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