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What's the next step?

CD: General Denon DVD player

Amp: Denon AVR 3805                                                                                                   Speakers: Recently acquired Triangle Comete bookshelfs

Cables: Bottom of the line

I had been pretty satisfied listening to music on the Cometes since I got them last month using the "stereo" setting on the AVR.
I accidently switched it over to "Pure Direct" and was blown away by the improvement in sound, I think for two main reasons. One, I guess with "PD" the machine focuses its whole being on audio (instead of video as well). Two, all frequencies are sent through the speaker so it becomes a lot fuller with bass.

The reason I write this post is now that I've actually been exposed to an improvement in listnening experience, my interest and desire to improve my home-stereo system has been piqued. Clearly I'm no expert so in simple terms what would you do, if you were me, to take the next step to improve my system. My budget for the next step will be $500 or less. I'm open and will most likely be buying something used.

Thanks in advance.


Doctor Fine
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Read the Directions

 Go to Amazon and order Jim Smith's book called "Get Better Sound."

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I would suggest that you get the Music Hall 15.3 amplifier.

I think that would be a huge improvement over what you have now.

Bill B
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Since you have a Denon AVR now, does that mean you do/will use it as part of a home theater system?

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