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What you think is the best receiver for under $2000 for music AND movies?

Hello everybody!

I realize that this is a forum primarily for high end 2 channel stereo music lovers!

Believe you me, I'm one of those too!

But I am also a working class guy on a limited budget that loves movies as well.

A couple of years ago I had a short-lived job in which I was making pretty good money and on the road with no rent. I decided to put together a nice entry-level high end stereo and home theater. I bought 3 pairs of B&W DM602 S3 speakers. I bought a Rotel integrated amp and a Rotel single disc CD player.

Then I suddenly lost the job!

Well, I'm expecting considerable money back from Uncle Sam!

So, what you think is the best receiver for under $2000 for music AND movies?!

I have been reading up on the Rotel RSX-1550. It seems to be a very good 5 channel receiver for the money.

It is simple, without the endless, mostly unused nonsense that seems to be coming with receivers nowadays!

But I've read in reviews that it is only 75 watts per channel, even though it's supposed to be a TRUE 75 watts per channel with 5 channels running.

That has kind of put me off.

But then I've read in other places, including Rotel's very own information that it's 5 X 100W!

WHAT HI*FI SOUND AND VISION magazine, whose reviews I trust (I could be mitaken!) say that it is a very good receiver, but they can't give it quite 5 stars because Sony's STR-DA5400ES is supposedly considerably better at a similar price point.


I'd like to get advice here because I want to hear from people who are a little bit more picky and critical!

I have up to $2000 to spend on a receiver.

Integra, Marantz, Cambridge Audio, NAD...upper end Sony, Pioneer, Yamaha, Onkyo...

What do you think?

Please HELP!

(thank you!)

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Onkyo TX-NR5008

Emotiva UMC-1
Emotiva XPA-5
The Emotiva UMC-1 had some problems early on but have since been solved with firmware updates.

Most AV receivers will be overrated on power generally only yielding half of rated power with all channels driven. But your speakers are fairly efficient so the 80 wpc with five channels driven by the Onkyo should be enough. If not you could try the Emotiva route for 30 days and send the stuff back if you don't like it.

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also try

Denon and especially Marantz. I have had two Denon receivers and enjoy them every day. I lust for Marantz! Onkyo is certainly a brand you need to check out, but then Jackfish is the king of recommendations IMHO.


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Personally I wouldn't bother

Personally I wouldn't bother with a surround sound style integrated device as I feel a quality 2 channel setup will give you more then enough enjoyment with movies if the correct components are used. Plus you would end up with a better upgrade path later when your finances are better.

For this budget I would look at at Peachtree brand integrated device that includes a theater pass thru jack.
You would end up with a quality DAC , 50-80watts of power per channel and a higher end sound all around then going with the chain store brands.

If this method doesn't sound appealing to you then I hear the Integrateds made by Outlaw are a pretty good bang for your buck

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