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What is the reasonable charge for diagnosing and fixing amp. problem

Folks, my VTL amp right channel stopped working. VTL rep recommended me local authorized repairmen.
At that time I was not aware of custom prices and I was under impression that if guy was recommended - he is reasonable.
He told me $220 as minimum call.
It turned out lamp was bad. He wants me to pay $225 for whole job which also includes re-biasing.
Do you think it's reasonable?

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dio charge

$225 may not be unreasonable . Installing a new part may be easy , but finding the problem and verifying it may not be . I have a little trouble with his $220 minimum charge , most shops minimum is $40 or $50 bucks , was this a service call , ( came to your house ) . Many shops get recommended because the quality of work is good , rather than the price .

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I once had to pay an HP tech

I once had to pay an HP tech to come to my home ($75) for gear under warranty and he could not fix it...

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I don't think that's reasonable

But, if he told you in advance what his minimum is and you agreed then it's totally reasonable.

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