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"What the DAC?"

disclaimer... I'm very new to this

Main question.  Will I benefit from DAC of any sort if all my music itunes 256kbps or pandora one 192kbps?

I am planning on replacing a 5.1 HTIB with a stereo receiver and some bookshelf speakers.  I noticed some of them have a built in DAC and usb to bypass my iPhones DAC, but are quite a bit more expensive (I'm a student).  The cheapest one would be the Onkyo 8050 @ $300.  This would stretch my budget and give me less money to spend on speakers.


Should I not even replace my receiver at all and just buy bookshelf speakers and leave my 5.1 receiver in 2-channel mode?  and maybe buy wadia or something down the road?

this is my current system:

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You will hear a definite improvement

with that Onkyo receiver and a good pair of bookshelf speakers.  Sometimes you gotta wait and save up a little more to achieve your objectives. Deferred gratification does not come easy to your generation I suspect.  Good Luck!

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I'm new to this too

So I have yamaha htr-5740 and a pair of Polk audio ls50s, at the moment I use a toslink cable from my iMac to the receiver. Would a USB DAC, be better? And has anybody heard this one,, let me know Thanks

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