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What cable would you recommend for a pair of jamo A510 speakers?

My speaker cable is old and, well, plainly too long for my needs. I think that is a perfect excuse to search around for a descent cable to replace it.

According to my measurements I need a 1.6m piece and a 2m piece, although soon I wil be placing the speakers a bit higher (20cm maybe?) on a bookcase, so I might need a bit more.

The guy at the music/audio (mainly music, but carries some allright audio equipment as well) store suggested the mogami 3082 cable, at 5.5euros/m (around 7-8$?). Do you think a cable that fat (AWG around 14) would be of any real value with my humble a510s and at such a small distance (shoulnd go over 2.5m)?

Do you have any feature specific recommendations for my speakers? like gauge to look, impedance, capitance and so on. 

also, since I'm on the lookout for cables, what do you recommend for connecting my laptop soundcard's 3.5mm jack output to the amplifier? right now I am using a standard no-name cheap thing purely because I at the time I needed one and didn't have the time to look for something better.

This is cheap system with a total value of around 600euros, so a high price cable would propably be wasted. I think a 7euros/m as the top limit would be enough?

I read reports of people really hearing differences when changing the cables, do you think I will manage to detect any real change? increase in volumes maybe?

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