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What is "break in" period for a CD player?

It may sound odd but it surely was odd to me when I read comments about "break in"  period for a CD player.  I know i need to break in my new shoes so the leather softens and adjusts to my feet.  So it happens with car engines where slight mechanical imperfections of the scale of pico meter are adjusted and it takes 2-3 months of running the engine at non very aggressive revs.  When it comes to electronics that have no mechanical aspect in their performance, how do we do that break in.  I read comments of some people talking about the first 300 hours.  What is it that can make the sound come out better after that?

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Run in

All CD machines are different , some seem to take longer to run in than others . The Ayre  C5 I purchased  last year , new , only took about two hours to sound it's best , to my ears , yet the manual says 100 to 500 hours . The sound for that first few hours was unlistenable , even the dog beat it .

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I never thought this was necessary until I just got a NAD CD player that sounded dry and lifeless right out of the box... A good 40 hrs. until t was listenable... Go figure...

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