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What amplifier to buy ?

Hi there. I am new to this, so i know pretty much nothing. 

I got a Pro Ject Debut Carbon (2m red) TT , and now i need an amplifier. my questons are:

Is it better to buy an amp that has a preamp inside, or is it beter to buy 2 sepparate ones ?

What amplifier should i buy? price range would be 600-900 $ (max)

I own  Dali Lektor 8 speakers.


Thank you

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Integrated Amplifier

What you need is an integrated amplifier.

Separate amplifier and preamplifiers will cost at least $3000, to get decent quality.

You can get a fairly decent integrated amplifier for the price you are talking about.

The NAD C326BEE is a good one to consider.

The Cambridge Audio 651A is another.

The Music Hall A 15.3 is also a good one.

The high sensitivity of those speakers means that you need very little power to drive them. Any amplifier that has at least 40 watts per channel should do the job.

The Music Hall A 15.3 has very good power and also has a built-in phono preamp.

With the other two you will need to spend extra money for a phono preamp.

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Rega Brio R

It is a great sounding Amp with a built in phono stage.  It is at the high end of your budget but is an exceptional device.  I believe it is $899 every day.  

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