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What amp to match marantz nr1602?

I bought the NR1602 to use for home theater.  I then received a set of B&W CM5's.  Only use 2 channels and would like to get more performance out of the set.  Considering adding a MM7025 2-channel amp or a 2-channel integrated PM8004 amp (same price).  Sticking with Marantz - get wholesale  discount.  open to used if better value/performance.

I have ps3, apple tv and dvr connected.  I also have a sub connected through the nr1602 pre-outs (which I'd use for the additional amp).  What do you recommend to get best sound from CM5's?  Pros? Cons?  Should I also add a DAC between Apple TV and the nr1602?

I'm a noob so appreciate all advice.

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